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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Financial Infidelity vs. Physical Infidelity

  When infidelity is brought up into conversation, most of our minds veer in the direction of a physical relationship or perhaps emotional with another man or woman. However, as the economic times have increasingly become worse across the country, financial infidelity is now the largest threat to a stable relationship. In a recently survey which was published by SELF magazine and, light is shed on the great lengths that some will go to hide the unfortunate destructive financial burdens he or she have accumulated. 23,000 adults were polled by and SELF and found that 60% view financial infidelity as harsh as sexual infidelity. In an interesting addition, 46% of those polled admitted to lying to their partners about money at one time or another. These fibs included the hiding of purchases, lying about money spent, and hiding cash withdrawals from joint accounts. The blog post titled, Financial Infidelity: Are you cheating on your spouse?, on Huffington Post, lists important steps to take to alleviate financial infidelity before it impairs the relationship and warning signs to look for. If you or someone you know is suffering from compulsive spending, please read this article and seek help immediately.  
Hannah, intern with Eating Disorder Hope 

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